Google Updates

Latest Google Core Updates 2024

Recently Google’s search engine algorithm has been adjusted to cater for a change in more responsive and relevant terms. The days of buying a few cheap links to boost your website listing are long gone. To prosper in this generation there are various factors which need to be addressed in order to rank for competitive terms and stay there.

The Net-Mediateam are big believers in having good quality content on your website. This may seem like a very basic step however it is often overlooked by many businesses due to the overwhelming work when launching a website. This doesn’t have to be so daunting with the installation of a blog on your business site which allows consistent addition of new services you have added to your repertoire. In this day and age change is a vital part to surviving and this holds true in the digital world as well. The greed of new content has become the norm for your consumers due to constant updates on large websites such as Facebook. Have you ever sat there refreshing your news feed to see something new? Well the likelihood is your visitors are doing the same on your site. There are numerous of quick methods to get round this, such as integrating a Facebook like box on your sidebar to show constant updates or possibly a feed to your Instagram for new images, twitter for tweets etc…

What if you suffered a penalty from previous updates?

Well you will be happy to know that with hard work and perseverance we are able to lift these penalties by disavowing all your spam based links and by communicating directly to Google regarding the removal of these links.

It is always recommended on giving the team a quick call or request a call back and we can explain the best course of action for your site.

How can I make my website more interactive with my visitors?

There are a few routes, which can be taken to achieve longer visitor retention times. Since the installation of our live chat module we have found that it gave us the opportunity to communicate to our visitors and guide them more efficiently as to what they came on the website for. Its often very hard to get good quality information in certain niches and if your business fits in this category then it is well worth while to give honest and direct advice for free. This can also be in the form of an interactive question and answer on your site, allowing customers to ask any queries they may have.

If you feel this is too brief then a full forum can be installed in order to categorise certain topics and create an interactive community.

Another good tip is to allow visitors to guest blog on your website or upload relevant content. There has been a rise in websites that create “newspapers” by compiling a variety of blogs that hit certain key words.

What is a “Responsive Website” ?

With the latest update it has been recorded that responsive websites have started to rank higher than outdated static websites. A responsive website is one that automatically adjusts according to the browser it is being viewed on. With the recent rise in tablet pc’s such as Ipads and the sharp increase of smart phones, consumers are quick to use the latest technology. By ensuring your website is friendly for these browsers it has been proven to increase conversions and have a more interactive visitor experience.

What is a “Citation”?

This term may baffle you initially but it is quite a simple idea. The creation of good quality citations pays dividends in local campaigns i.e your targeting words related to you location … Barbers Manchester

It is essentially the listing of your business on good quality directories which display an interactive map that mark the GPS location of your business address.

The more maps you have referring to your location the higher your google local listing will rise.

How important is Social Media?

I know there has been a lot of emphasis put on social media of late but it really can be an effective marketing tool. The Net-Mediateam have specialists who can target potential customers for you based on what they have tweeted and location. For example if you run a dental practice in Manchester we can search for people who have tweeted about tooth ache within 20 miles of your practice.

Having a busy Facebook page and encouraging check ins, really can make a difference in going viral. We feel that Facebook has slowed down the reach posts get but are still very worthwhile.


We are firm believers in sticking to the fundamentals and one area of SEO which is very overlooked is that of on-page SEO. The hype of getting backlinks seems to leave this region overlooked however it is extremely important to get right. By having efficient meta tags and correctly coded images you can increase the visitors you gain tremendously. Not only is this brilliant for your organic campaign but by having each page of your website correctly optimisied, if you were to run an Adwords campaign your quality score will be much higher leading to cheaper costs per click.


What’s the most efficient thing I can do to optimize my website?

We have many clients who want to be a part of raising the profile of their website and we keep stressing them that the most essential aspect is that of engaging content. Usually businesses have very niche terminology and terms that the lay man doesn’t understand. By explaining them to your visitors your not only helping them achieve their goal but your are raising the profile of the knowledge your company possess.

This latest update has had quite the opposite effect on our clients rankings. We have seen that by using white hat i.e ethical methods that their websites have boosted further in the rankings. It shows that hard effort pays off in the digital world. We would like to leave you with one thought, when was the last time you updated your website?