EOJ Awards entry rules & guidelines
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All entrants are urged to read the following Rules and Guidelines: 

    1. The aim of the competition is to reward those pieces of web journalism which employ the tools of the Internet to make stories compelling and accessible to users. Entries will be judged according to journalistic criteria, not great web design, except in so far as the design enhances and supports the journalism.


    1. Each entry must be a self-contained story (though it may be a running story or published on a set of linked web pages).


    1. For each entry, the full path name for the story must be given, e.g. http://www.domainname/filename.


    1. Individual stories may be submitted for most categories except the following where at least three stories must be submitted for each entry:
      • Best news design and navigation
      • Best use of mobile connectivity
      • Best use of multimedia
      • Best innovation in online journalism
      • Internet journalist of the year
      • Best News Weblog


  1. The two exceptions to (2), (3) and (4) above are the categories:
    • Outstanding contribution to online journalism in Europe
    • Best overall journalism service

    This is because it is the total journalistic output of the nominated organisations during the qualifying period which is considered in judging these categories. For these categories, therefore, only the domain name is required.



    1. The competition is open only to individuals working for European-based media organisations.


    1. Only stories published on the web qualify for entry.


    1. To qualify for entry in 2003, stories must have been produced and published on the web between 1 June 2002 and 31 May 2003.


    1. Where the entries appear on a paid-for site or require registration to be accessed, entrants must arrange for them to be made freely available to the judging panel for the duration of the competition (1 March to 31 May 2003).


  1. Any dispute, objection or challenge arising from the competition must be referred to the Auditors.