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Social Network: What Platform?

Which social media platform to use is often the first place people start.  Actually, the choice of platform is best selected with consciousness and knowledge of how the various platforms can allow you to get different goals and whether your audience is using them.

When I work with company owners on their social networking plans, I help them to examine:

  • How the platforms you utilise work and how you can use them most efficiently
  • That the platforms you are using have your audience present for you to connect and communicate with

The good news is that you have lots of choice – from Twitter to Google Plus to Facebook! That can be challenging in itself to know what is out there and what can work for you.

  • Resource – how often do they need updating, and who will do that?
  • Where they hang out online.
  • How much time you’ll spend on social networking, compared to other marketing for your business
  • Ease of use
  • What your audience / target market is

The good news is that most platforms are free, although some have a paid element, meaning that these are efficient and affordable ways to add credibility to your online image.

A couple of top tips to get you started:

  • Consider some training to get you up to speed, quicker
  • Start small and organically with clear goals
  • Work out your marketing goals
  • Measure your successes so you can do more of what is working
  • Always open with listening to understand how the platforms work and if your audience is present
  • Don’t just rely on social media – use different platforms, tools and networking in “real life” to get results.  Social media is a communications tool, not a pot of gold!


How to do well on Twitter

Twitter has its own rules. It has maintained its 140-character restriction despite the constant pressure to alter several of its followers. The requirements to become more like Facebook or Google+ have been great.

It can be misunderstood by people who throw stones from the edges. In spite of the naysayers its initial design and constraints don’t seem to fit it into an online world that is about bigger being better.

This succinct reporting has made it the channel of choice for breaking news. Twitter is now often seen showing up on the TV screen as the audience interacts with a show. The character restriction it demands lends itself to jokes that are often humorous, droll and sharp.

Why should you bother increasing your Twitter followers?

Boosting your Twitter followers does have some distinct benefits for business and brands. Here are three which are worth mentioning as they increase brand awareness. What business wouldn’t want that? It distributes your content far wider and faster. This can boost link building to your website and improve your organic SEO. It can also send traffic to your blog or website. This leads to more lead generation and sales, whether you’re selling exciting gifts such as personalised iPhone cases.


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